NRIs who are outside India but want to help for needy people back home is the critical and unique part of initiative. NRIs can play major role in the following areas:

  • NRIs as as individual, organization, executives they work with TamilNadu Govt. in various ways. They have good connection with officials who can help their own village/district development using their contacts.
  • NRIs do business in TamilNadu and other states and help creating jobs and boost economy. They have opportunity to use "Nallore Vattam" district coordinators to help their village/ district.
  • NRIs can sponsor many Rural programs such as education, health, awareness, technology solutions etc. They can effectively use "Nallore Vattam" district channel to use for their project implementation with reliable reference.
  • NRIs have relative and friends and self interest to develop their native place. They can use the "Nallore Vattam" to get consultation to do it effectively and engage local references and Think Tank experts.
  • We don't accept fund or implement project directly. We facilitate and connect good people and provide required consultation to get your rural needs accomplished. We request all the social conscious NRIs who want to do something good to the society and overall state and country development in India, Please submit the following details to get connected to your native district WhatsApp group.
I want to Join my District NRI contacts: